Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving Forward Rentals a Business for Sale

After 3 fun and successful years in business, I am leaving the Segway Tour business due to family concerns. Moving Forward Rentals is an owner/operated business with a few part-time employees.

Moving Forward Rentals owns:

12 Segway i2s (all ranging from 1200 to 1500 miles)
16 Signs/Billboards for advertising on front of Segway i2
16 Helmets of various sizes
Computer System with POS/ CRM Software (windows xp, touch screen display, HP laser printer, Epson Receipt printer, Cash Drawer, Credit Swipe, Debit Pad, etc..)
12 customers chairs
1 TV/DVD player
2 Large (approx. 10' x 3') Exterior Lighted Box Signs
Several other tangible items for a Segway Tour Business

Unbelievable online presence website (professional designed) blog (professionally designed)

Quick Sale necessary to help my family.

Asking $40,000 for all business assets.

Perfect to move to Philadelphia Tourist area!

Serious inquiries please email


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Segway Tour in New Jersey= Amazing

Everyone at Moving Forward Rentals was Amazing. We had so much fun and the atmosphere was so casual. There was absolutely no pressure and we were totally relaxed. The people that work at Moving Forward Rentals are so conscientious of the fact that we were here for fun and enjoyment and they all reflected that throughout the entire excursion.

We are so appreciative of how nice all of the employees were and I would without any doubt recommend Moving Forward Rentals to anyone who is looking for a entirely enjoyable time.

We cannot wait to come back ourselves!


George & Catie


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Segway Trepidation; no longer!

Yesterday my husband and I drove 2 hours each way to have the Sea Isle City Segway tour. He wanted the experience. I did not. I gave it to him as a gift because he wanted the experience. I did not.

Marv pressured me to join him and with trepidation I did the trial inside the store. I didn't fall over, so I went out on the road. Nobody hit us, we didn't hit anybody, and the bottom line is we had too.

I enjoyed the experience and recommend it.

Bobbie and Marv


Moving Forward; The Best Segway Tour Around

We had a great time. Loved Kim, she was fantastic. I just referred a Stu Gillard to you. He is staying in Avalon and is entertaining some British soldiers, so I gave him you number. I hope he calls you.

Love to see the photos.

Thanx again.

Donna Stella


Moving Forward Rentals Segway Rentals and Tours; Things to do at the Jersey Shore


Thursday, June 25, 2009

47th Anniversary on a Segway Tour in Sea Isle

Ann & David Paton were so generous to spend their 47th anniversary with Moving Forward Rentals this week. The weather in Sea Isle City was a bit dreary but Segway Rentals and Tours were rocking! When your looking for a something to do, a new adventure, or just a casual glide around an awesome shore town....visit Moving Forward Rentals. Your Segway Experience will be exhilarating too!


An Awesome Segway Tour in Sea Isle City

Hi, Just dropping you a line to say, "I had a great time on the tour!" I was surprised at how easy it was to feel comfortable on the Segway. I couldn't believe how easy and fun it was to drive, I wasted my time putting on Jeans to prevent "Road Rash" in case of a fall. I think my wife who chickened out is sorry she did not go for a ride. Thanks again!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jamie Connor; President and (Weekend Segway Tour Operator)

Hello. I am Jamie Connor, owner of Moving Forward Rentals, LLC.

The Segway Rental and Tour business is a lot of fun and unique but is not where I "cut my teeth" (so to speak). When I was 12 years old I had a Soft Pretzel business! My Grandfather helped me pack 3 pretzels in a brown bag, throw in a couple packets of mustard, and pile them all in a large "newspaper bag". I would then sell 100 bags for $1 each on the beach in about 2 hours. Then I would call Gramps to bring the second batch and walk back making another $100! At 12 years of age, $200 in 4 hours was AWESOME! Then after a few weeks, I found out that their was this thing called a "Vendors License", you had to be a Senior Citizen and Veteran and things came to an end pretty quickly. No problem; the entrepreneurial seeds were sown.

20 years later, I am happily married with 4 beautiful girls. That's right 4 and all girls! Now, you can see where my drive to succeed comes from...that's 4 Weddings!!! So with a few other business ventures under my belt, I can say this is absolutely the most fun I ever had "working"!

Segway Tours and Rentals is exciting everyday! The look on people's faces when they "get it", when they are a top a Segway and realise how easy it really is. To see families enjoying their time together laughing and smiling while cruising and relaxing is AWESOME! To hear all the compliments from the many customers, all expressing the amazing experience they had while at Moving Forward Rentals. I just love it!

(The picture was taken before our newest princess baby Tessa Jaye was born in April.)


Friday, June 5, 2009

Segway Rentals vs. Segway Tours

When Moving Forward Rentals was established the original premise was going to be unguided rentals (not tours per se). This was hatched on the belief that we had something to offer Sea Isle City in the way of easing the parking and transportation issues during the busy vacation season. Also, this was our original exposure with Segways in California.

After much contemplation and deliberations, the "deal" with the city was that guided tours would be the best way to introduce Segways to Sea Isle City. I have to admit that this choice also made not being in the store, all day every day, much easier on my overall stress level too. Knowing we provide great initial training and excellent side-by-side help along the way, certainly was the best approach.

Through the first season and early on into this season we have had several repeat customers that just can't get enough of the "Segway Smile". At this point, we can see that these repeat customers are almost experts on the machines and are looking for something more. These insights have allowed us to begin pondering again the idea of expansion back to Segway rentals.

Moving Forward Rentals still feels we can fill a need that is hardly being met. Traffic and parking are still major issues and getting worse every year in Sea Isle City. The ability to hop on your Segway and grab some milk, do a little window shopping, visit some friends, or just glide the promenade with your friends or loved ones adds unbelievable value to any one's vacation time. Not having to worry about traffic back ups, finding or paying for parking spaces, or the even the ever dreaded "Gas Crunch" could play a huge part into your overall unwinding, during your vacation.

I believe, if we offered a 1 day, 3 day, 5 day and 7 day rentals, beginning next season, we can fulfill this need. *UPDATED* We are now offering Freedom Rentals for 4 hour, 24 hour, 3 day and 5 day Rental Periods. This could only be offered to our very best customers though, to maintain our safety first mentality. We would offer this exclusive opportunity to very valued customers that have toured with us 3 times or more prior to next season. *UPDATED* To become a Moving Forward Member all you have to do is have toured with us at least 1 time and be 21 years of age or older. Only Moving Forward Members will be given the opportunity to Freedom Rentals.

Please express your thoughts on this new opportunity. Would this be of interest to you? Do you feel we could still maintain our great relationship with Sea Isle City and its residents? As always, we would price the rentals better than any of our local or Internet competitors. Segways at a reasonable price is something you do not always see! *UPDATED* Please visit the Reservations Page to see Rental Rates.


The Moving Forward Rentals blog gets a Face Lift

The Moving Forward Rentals Blog has a New Title, a Face Lift, and changes to User Ability. "Your Segway Experience" the name of our new blog has been given great reviews so far! The new look is Fresh, Visually Exciting and makes you feel like you are at the beach! The background water-painting of a walkway, meandering through the sand dunes of a shore setting is spectacular. It sets the colorful tempo of the New Website.

"Your Segway Experience" will offer everyone something awesome to read, view, or sign up for! The Updates Page will bring forth any news with Moving Forward Rentals, Segways usage, or the Jersey Shore in general. The Experiences Page will be chock-full-of exhilarating Segway Experiences from our customers and the Moving Forward staff. The Deals Page will be just that deals! We occasionally run special promotions and this is the spot you will find it! Check this page frequently to save money. The freshly set up Gallery Page hosts hundreds of pictures and videos from our wonderful customers.

On the right column, you will find three more tabs. One that will send you directly to our official website. The second will bring you to our Reservation Forms. This is a big advance to the old site. Set up your next Segway Experience right from the Blog. Finally, the Meet Us Page shows off The Moving Forward Staff. Read all of our Bios, get to know our individual personalities, and even request your favorite Tour Operator.

The biggest difference about "Your Segway Experience" is the user friendliness of it. Now you can read all customer comments right from the same page as the Post it is in reference to. Also leaving a comment is much easier and more straight forward!

All in all Moving Forward Rentals is extremely happy with our terrific new Blog site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we will!!


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